To accelerate horticultural development in the state, a separate horticulture department has been set up in the state since 1991 the aim of which is to integrated development of the region. Due to which significant progress has been made in the horticultural sector and thearea and production of horticultural crops has been increased up to four times.

For this, the planning and strategy is implemented for streamlining all the activities from the beginning of horticultural farming to the post harvesting management.Various developmental programs are being implemented from the Horticulture Department. For that necessary policy and support schemes are being implemented.District Level Offices are established for providing necessary guidance and implementing schemes at the regional level for development horticulture in the State. Horticulture Department has set up 23 Nurseries and 3 Center of Excellence through which the good quality vegetable cultivators / seedlings are being provided to the farmers. In addition, the Horticulture Department provides training for fruit and vegetable preservation to urban and rural women through self-employment income by 17 mobile and 3 permanentcanning and kitchen garden centers. As well as the services of specialist officers are available at the potential taluka of horticulture. To supervise and monitor the entire system there are Divisional Offices at Vadodara and Rajkot as well as State Level Office of Directorate of Horticulture, Gandhinagar are established. The entire structure of Horticulture Department is governed by Director of Horticulture.

Horticulture Department is implementing various Annual Development Programs sponsored by the State Government and the Central Government. The necessary guidance and training for skill development are being provided to the farmers and youth through extension activities. Government has placed a lot of emphasis on horticultural activities in the last five years and made notable financial provision. This has led to the development of various sector of horticulture. Due to this state occupy leading position in production of fruit and vegetable crops in comparison of other states of the country.

The main purpose of various Assistance Schemes implemented by the Horticulture Department is to increase the production of horticultural crops and increase farm income, increase employment opportunities and prevent post harvest losses. For which various farming

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